O-Ring, the cutting edge is a "O" shape, which is the most common, classic, economical and useful sealing type in both dynamic and static application.

To understand a basic idea of O-Ring,it is essential you should know:
  • The O-Ring dimension formula is very simple, OD = ID + 2*CS
  • The popular O-Ring standards are formulated by its location and country
  • The O-Ring tolerance has its limitation, when the size is out of tolerance; it means failure will cause leakage.
  • O-Rings are made of elastomers which are with resilience or memory sufficient to return to its original shape after a major or minor distortion
How an O-Ring behave its sealing function:
O-Ring behave its sealing function
Compression of the O-Ring-filling the gap Pressure activation of the O-Ring
In terms of the assembly aspect, in general O-Ring can be selected in four sealing types :
four sealing types

Male Gland Seal

Female Gland Seal

Face-Type Seal

Triangular Groove Seal

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What value can GMORS offer?

  • Various international O-Ring standards, most sizes are already tooling which you don't need to invest.
  • Suitable and well known raw material suppliers to guarantee the product basic quality.
  • Certificated compound to meet specific markets.
  • Certificated laboratory to develop and identify match compound per your specification or ASTM D200 call out.
  • Wide range of O-Ring hardness from 40 to 95 duro, GMORS both offer compound to meet Shore A & IRHD according to your need.
  • Accurate tool house technology to create tools for high quality production
  • External Lubricants & Coatings on O-Ring surface for your assembly (PTFE coating, Silicone fluid, MoS2, talcum powder, Silicone polymer based coating).
  • Well O-Ring surface especially in parting line.
  • Except general industry, GMORS provide strict production control in CPK/PPK in specific markets.
  • Full ranges of standard O-Ring stock which to decrease the waiting of long lead time, and best online stock system for searching and ordering for our formal customers.
  • The most convenient O-Ring Master APP to help you find ideal dimension and material.


Full standard O-Ring series: AS 568, BS 4518, GB/T 3452.1, JIS B2401 P/G/S/V, SMS 1586 , METRIC and JASO F404.


Smallest 0.5mm (ID) × 0.4mm (CS)

Largest 1600mm (ID) × 50mm (CS)